Custom Deluxe 3' x 5' Floor to Ceiling Shower

2 Week Start to Finish Installation

Includes all of this:

  • Choose Your Tile
  • Dustless Demo w/ Daily Clean Up
  • Tub Removal
  • Custom Lifestyle Niches
  • Leg Shaving Niche or Bench
  • Custom Shower Head, Valves, Drains with Matches Hinges & Hardware
  • Frameless Glass Enclosures with Matching Hinges & Hardware (may take longer than 2 weeks)

Custom Tile & Hardwood Installations

We are Craftsmen. To us everything matters; every project, every client, every piece of material. The details matter! We pride ourselves on staying up to date on the best techniques and use premium products to create projects that you will want to show your friends, family, and neighbors. We specialize in tile, stone, hardwood, and hardwood refinishing.

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Kim Busse
4 months ago
Our experience with Custom Installations was fantastic from start to finish. Five star rating without a doubt! The stairway in our home needed to be refinished,...
Chris Yurek
6 months ago
If you ever had your basement flood like us, you have a feeling of being lost with no direction on where to go. But that...

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