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Why Would You LOVE Working for Custom Installations?

  • Performance/Merit-Based Pay - We actively reward go-getters and diligent doers with more money in their wallets!
  • Simple IRA Plan Offered - After one year of employment, you can invest in your future and our company matches 3% of your contributions!
  • Paid Training - Get better on the job while still getting paid!
  • Paid Major Holidays - Paid Time-Off for major holidays (i.e. New Year’s Day, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving and others)
  • Paid Time Off Offered - Get paid to have days off on the company!
  • Opportunity for Promotion - The longer you work with us, the more responsibility you will earn and the more income you will earn.
  • Work With Excellence - Work with a flooring and tile installation company that provides great job security and is renowned in the area.

Custom Installations is seeking team members who are passionate about wowing clients and building a great career. If these details intrigue you, please APPLY TODAY and we will get in touch with you in the next couple days!

For more details, read below:

What is Custom Installations?

A company whose primary goal is SERVING our customers, improving their quality of life and overall comfort level by providing second to none customer service, repairs and installations!


  • Motivation - you must be able to motivate yourself to get out of bed in the morning and arrive at work on time.
  • For lead installers, we look for a minimum of five years of experience. BUT...
  • A coachable attitude and great character are far more important to us than having any previous experience.
  • Goal-Orientated - great employees at our company want to create great lives for themselves.
  • Detailed - must like details
  • Have a great attitude and a desire to learn
  • Must be able to verbally communicate well
  • Must appreciate humor and Chuck Norris jokes

What You Will Do:

  • You will arrive to work on time.
  • You will get yourself caffeinated or situated.
  • Your team leader, Brent Posusta, will lay out the game-plan for the day.
  • You will focus on over-delivering and wowing every human that you come into contact with.
  • You will present yourself in a professional manner at all times while having a great time at a workplace where Michael Bolton's music is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.


  • How much money can I make? You have a legitimate opportunity to earn more than $60,000/year!
  • What would I be doing? Installing tile, hardwood, vinyl, and carpet flooring
  • Who do I call to follow-up? We will call you.
  • What are you looking for? People who are passionate about achieving massive success. A flooring installer who is deeply passionate about personally getting financially unstuck. We'd love to hear from happy people like you (unless you are a troll, a whiner, chronically late and are perpetually angry).
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